About the Book:

FULL BODY ORGASM is about feeling unrestrained joy and pleasure in every way, everyday!

This book takes a holistic view of the meaning and the function of the orgasm in the broader sense of the word as it relates not only to sexuality (the body) but in the mind and spirit as well. Living in a physical world where you may commute to work, buy groceries, cook the meals, pay the bills, raise your children, clean the house and go on vacations, you can balance and live a life of peak experiences in everything you do.

The full body orgasm (FBO) is continuous joy and pleasure that opens the doors of peak experiences in all aspects of life. In other words, if you can fully experience that energy of an FBO, then you will experience joy and pleasure in everything you do in life.

About the Author:

Oscar Naval’s path of awakening to the full body orgasm of life began during his engineering consulting career. He successfully consulted with high-tech computer clients from Apple Computer to Xilinx. Although he had career and financial success, he was overweight, a workaholic and failed at a 10-year marriage. This was his wake-up call to discover what really is important in life.

He traveled the world from the land-lines in the British Isles to the Oracle at Delphi, from the red earth of Utah to the spiritual spots of Sedona, Arizona, and scuba diving the depths of oceans. He has worked remodeling vacation units, selling holiday activities, and as well as an Open Water PADI Scuba Diving Instructor in Hawaii. Over time and experiences, he grew to find more clarity, balance and spirit.

Before moving to Australia, Oscar lived on the island of Maui and on the Big Island of Hawaii where he discovered the depth and richness of native Hawaiian spirituality. On the Kona coast on the island of Hawaii, he studied to be a Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage therapist.

After arriving in Australia, he found his spiritual family, close friendships, and a loving relationship. Oscar married his lovely wife, Lisa, in 2003 and their son, Mikey, was born in February 2005.

Oscar Naval holds a Diploma of Body-Centred Psychotherapy from the Institute of Core Energetics, Australia. He is also a Hawaiian Lomi-lomi massage therapist. You can visit his website at


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