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Book Trailer Spotlight: Tales From Earth’s End by Sandy Nathan

Tales From Earth’s End 3 Book Series
Sandy Nathan
Visionary Fiction
Vilasa Press

The Angel & The Brown-Eyed Boy

Tomorrow morning, a nuclear holocaust will destroy the planet. Two people carry the keys to survival: A teenage boy and an intergalactic traveler.

By the late 22nd century, the Great Recession of the early 2000s has lead to a worldwide police state. A ruined United States barely functions. Government control masks chaos, dissenters are sent to camps, and technology is outlawed. War rages while the authorities proclaim the Great Peace.

Finally it all breaks down. We’re in New York City on the eve of nuclear Armageddon. In the morning, ultimate destructive forces will wipe out all life on earth. Only Jeremy Edgarton, a 16-year-old, tech genius and revolutionary; and Eliana, the angelic, off-world traveler sent to Earth on a mission to prevent her planet’s death, can save the world. Join Eliana and Jeremy as they begin a quest to save two doomed planets … and find each other.

Winner of Four National Awards:

● 2011 IPPY (Independent Press) Award Gold Medal in Visionary Fiction.

● 2011 Indie Excellence Award in Visionary Fiction (Winner of Catergory)

● Best Books of 2011, USA Book News:

Winner, New Age Fiction
Finalist Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Lady Grace

The Earth has been devastated by a nuclear holocaust. Technological wizard Jeremy Edgarton and a few of his friends were whisked off planet moments before the horror by the goldies, a race of super-evolved aliens who seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately for Jeremy, that’s exactly what they were and now he wants out.

Jeremy’s mother, Veronica Edgarton, is awakening from a cryogenic sleep in a chamber deep beneath the ice near the North Pole. She is facing life with one of the most ruthless and cruel men ever to have lived. She is not the kind of person to take this lying down.

In another place, 105 generations after the missiles struck, the inhabitants of a bunker designed to preserve them until the radiation has receded are preparing to emerge. Regrettably, evolution can work for evil as well as good.

Each of these events is potentially volatile. Combine them and the results are explosive! The players from across time and space are catapulted into a struggle of cosmic scale, challenging them to draw upon every ounce of their physical, intellectual and spiritual strength.

Lady Grace is a thrilling, action-filled adventure wrapped in the embrace of epic love.

Sam & Emily

Sam Baahuhd has been the headman of the village for twenty-two years. He has the Voice and he has the Power. With them, he can control others with his speech and heal with a touch. Even with his powers, Sam has survived as the headman only because he’s tough and canny enough to keep his fellow villagers from murdering him. Together, they live on Veronica Edgarton’s estate in the Hamptons. Or they do until the nuclear Armageddon destroys the world.

The massive underground bomb shelter on the estate is intended for the planet’s intellectual elite. When Sam and his nearly 100 villagers find themselves moving into the high tech shelter, it’s a cosmic joke.

Despite living at the end of the 3rd millennium AD, the villagers are serf-like and their society is medieval. They can’t read, spend a lot of their time drunk or stoned, and are so inbred it’s a miracle they can put two coherent words together.

Now they are the heirs to the planet. Or at least their descendants will be in a couple thousand years when the radiation clears. If they don’t kill each other first.

Dragging a battered but beautiful female federal agent with him as the shelter’s massive steel doors close is not the best move Sam has ever made. Arthur Romero, a commando planted by the military, thinks she is seriously bad news. Arthur is the only non-villager and the only man who can run the shelter’s computers and life-support machinery. He wants her dead.

What’s worse, Sam loses his powers the minute he enters the shelter. It’s just a matter of time before the village thugs figure it out. If they gang up on him, he doesn’t have a prayer.

Sam has faced challenges before. He isn’t afraid of them. But he has never faced a challenge like the one that comes crashing in when he realizes he is in love with the wounded warrior woman he has named . . . Emily.

Book Trailer Spotlight: Mr. Breeze by Morrie Richfield

Mr. Breeze
Morrie Richfield
Inspirational Fantasy

MR. BREEZE (the title is inspired by a song by the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd) follows the increasingly amazing experiences of freelance photojournalist Michael Ryan as he hears of stories about a man named Zack, who can seemingly perform inhuman feats that could be called miraculous. Ryan eventually meets Zack and becomes, at Zack’s insistence, Zack’s messenger. Along the way, a dog named Rover, who also possesses otherworldly powers, joins Zack and Ryan in their adventures, which include a remarkable visit to the Centers for Disease Control, in Atlanta, in search of a cure for AIDS.

The secret of who Zack is and why he has chosen Ryan to tell his story to the world forms the surprising and moving climax to the book.

And there is a MR. BREEZE sequel in the works, Richfield notes. The working title is REVELATION: THE RETURN OF MR. BREEZE. “The second book is about how we take that message (from the first book) and what we do with it.”

In the meantime, Richfield hopes that readers of MR. BREEZE find the storytelling compelling. I also would like them to be entertained and to want to tell others about it. If they come away wanting to be a better human being, that would be a huge plus.”